Nouwen: Building a Home

Wednesday Second Week of Lent

Your house and your kingdom shall be made sure forever… 2 Samuel 7:16

“Community is not loneliness grabbing onto loneliness….  No, community is solitude greeting solitude: ‘I am the beloved; you are the beloved. Together we can build a home.'”

Nouwen refers to community not as a family but as a home, “We can build a home together and create space for  God and for the children of God.”   Our communities need to offer space for others to rest, a place where they experience the welcome of God’s love.  We make room for others through the inner journey, remembering during lent that God has made room for us through Jesus Christ; we in turn seek be joined with God in making room in Christ for others.

“Dear Jesus, Take me into your home.”

God’s Abiding Love, p. 11.