There are times when what is true and good is clear to see, and the Service of Installation on Sunday the 19th was such a  time for us. 

Three challenging years after we began our journey together, filled with disruptions too many to count and with strains too general to measure, we at last made an official start as pastor and congregation.  

Our Conference Minister, Rev. Franz Rigert, preached a sermon that continues to resonate in my soul. >>>Rev. Franz Rigert, Sermon of Installation<<<<.

None of us would have chosen to start this way, and yet here we are, called to walk together, making promises for what we cannot see in advance–this is the heart of the installation liturgy
>>>Rev. Wayne Shannon, Service of Installation<<<

Pr. Craig: I am willing, and I promise to serve this church faithfully, preaching and teaching the word of God, administering the sacraments, and fulfilling the pastoral office, according to the faith and order of the United Church of Christ. 

Windsor UCC Members: We, the members of Windsor United Church of Christ, receive Craig as our pastor and teacher, promising to labor with him in the ministry of the gospel and give him due honor and support.

I believe we have been called together for a purpose, convinced that the hardships we faced inside and outside the church prepare us for the road ahead. 

With the Holy Spirit to guide us, gathered as a church in Christ’s name, we will walk this road together. 

Pr. Craig Jan-McMahon