Joe Disch

Interview by Luke Sather, Confirmand

Where were you born?
New Glarus wi on a farm

Where were your parents from?
Dad-New Glarus

What did your parents do?
Mom- housewife

Where did you go to school?
One-room country schoolhouse

When were you confirmed?
June 7, 1953

How many were in your confirmation class

What were confirmation classes like/what did you do?
A sit-down session with the pastor

Which pastors do you remember?
Reverend Chudy

Do you have any children? 
Two boys; One girl

Where are they now,?
Oldest (Boy)- Alabama
Middle (Girl)- Marshfield
Youngest (Boy)- Sun Prairie

Six grandchildren, and four  great-grandchildren

What sports did you enjoy growing up and now?

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