Discipleship of Immediacy

EPIPHANY 3B, 1/25/2015:  JONAH 3:1-5, 10  MARK 1:14-20

The Gospel of Mark folds the long process of answering call into the word immediately.  How long, after all, have Peter and Andrew been talking about how things ought to be when Jesus calls them and they immediately leave everything behind?  It appears James and John have been preparing–there are workers ready to take their place in the boat their father.  Also folded into Mark’s immediately is something we don’t talk much about when we talk about answering call–to follow Christ means to leave much behind; it involves loss; it involves grief.  And the more we have to leave behind–the older we are, the more possessions we have, the more grief we experience as we answer call.  And yet, we believe what we have been told and what we have experience–to answer all is to discover our true selves and find meaning and purpose in our lives.