UCC ONA Resources

These resources are provided to help UCC Church’s through the ONA process.

To the Contrary, “The Welcoming Church Movement”A PBS program, on You Tube, describing the story of a UCC church in St. Paul, and the Welcoming Church Movement.  There is also a excellent description of not only ONA but what the UCC stands for.

Dear Theo; Fundy “Clobber” Verses: A response to the following question that will help respond to those who quote scriptures to defend homophobia:   I have been attending a local UCC since the beginning of June and I plan on joining in a few weeks. I need some help from you in explaining the traditional “clobber” verses that many conservative Christians use to proclaim that God is against homosexuality, in particular the New Testament verses, to my more conservative family.

For a funny response to the Hebrew scripture clobber verses on homosexuality, see this old Internet meme sent to conservative commentator Dr. Laura.

For a more scholarly exegetical response from a great populist theologian, Walter Wink—who shares his own struggles with prejudice against gay folk but comes down on the side of love.

A brief, compelling testimony from a Christian heart about the importance of marriage equality, check out this recent video from former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.