I began circulating my ministerial profile on National Big Lebowski day.  While I am not  a fully ordained minister of Dudeism, as best as I can I try to preach non-preachiness and  aspire to the Dude’s take-it-easy approach.  It is a spiritual discipline for me, with my Walter-like tendencies, but hey, we don’t aspire to become who we already are, right?

My daughter Phoebe captured my Walter-like tendencies in her portrait of me. She got a new camera, and was taking lots of pictures to play around with its settings.  When she pointed her camera and me and I mugged a goofy face, I had no idea that I I was projecting an Jesus, Dad!image of me that would be preserved for all time.

I first saw the portrait at her first show at Luther College, and laughed right out loud!  “Why did you choose that photo and use that expression,” I asked.  “Dad.  Whatever photo I used would have looked like that.”

You might not be able to see the detail, but the background is maps from the Driftless area, southwest Wisconsin, where I fish.  You can see the trout photo collages, I think. And then there is the shakinah “halo” in the tradition of Medieval portraiture.

My friends immediately understand and laugh right out loud when I tell them what Phoebe named the portrait: Jesus, Dad!

When my friend John saw the painting he said, “Dude! That guy needs to go fishing.”

I’m grateful for those who accept me and love me not despite my shortcomings but because of them.   I depend on others to help me accept my own failings to help me defend against the urge to present a false image of myself, which is pretty hard to when your child captures your soul in paint.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by.  Drop me a note if you have a mind to; I’d love to hear from you.


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